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Get good copy. Fast.

Never struggle with bringing your copy to life. Or spending hours (and hours and hours) searching for a copywriter who’s experienced, fast and available NOW.

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Why is it so hard to find a copywriter?

There are a kajillion copywriters out there… but you still can’t find one. They’re either newbies who’ve read a few blog posts and watched some YouTube videos… 

Or, there’s the talented A-Listers with high fees and long waitlists. They’re worth the fees and the wait… if you’ve got the budget and time to spare.

But you don’t. At least not right now. What you really need is a reliable and experienced copywriter. Someone who can write copy that is clear, compelling and grounded in best practices that are proven to convert. And you need it fast.

So, who is fastcopy right for?

So, who is fastcopy right for?

fastcopy is for you if you’re:

*Fast Copy is not for your critical high-impact copy needs that require extensive research. We can refer you to trusted conversion copywriters for your more demanding copy projects.

fastcopy will optimize your copy or write it from scratch


Already have copy, but want it reviewed by a professional copywriter? We can help. We’ll suggest changes to make it more clear or compelling. We can add more personality so it pops, too.

If you don’t have copy already, don’t worry. We can write it for you.

All of your copy will be written and reviewed by experienced copywriters (At least 5 years experience).

Here’s some of the projects
we can help you with… quickly

  • Welcome email
  • Nurture sequence
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Landing page
  • Sales Page
  • Home page
  • Facebook ads
  • Email subject lines
  • Social Media Posts
  • Product descriptions
  • SMS
  • Webinar email sequence
  • Sales emails
  • Blog Posts

This is how it works:

Order your service(s).


Make your payment.


Fill out the brief we'll send you by email.


Get your copy in 3-5 business days after you complete your brief.



We have years of experience and are familiar with the frameworks, techniques and best practices that make copy persuasive and clear. It’s usually the extensive research, validating and wireframing that slows the conversion copywriting process down - which isn’t a bad thing… it’s just not a fast thing. The writing is actually the fastest part of the entire process.

We are a small team of experienced and expert copywriters based in Canada. We don’t outsource overseas to non-english speakers, or to inexperienced copywriters. Every word of copy will be written and reviewed by a professional and experienced copywriter.

Good question. They're both! Best practices are a reliable starting point, and it's important to know what they are - especially if you're new to copywriting. Once you're more experienced, you'll know enough about when to use them... and when you shouldn't. 

We don’t offer revisions. FastCopy is for your, well, fast copy needs. If you’re looking for a comprehensive copywriting service, we’re happy to refer you to a recommended conversion copywriter.

We will offer a refund for one full-price item up to $200, or a partial refund on items over $200 within three business days of receiving your copy. But once you order a refund, you (or others at your business) will not be eligible for any further refunds.

Let us know! We're expanding our services every day. If there's something in particular you want - or if you need quick customized help - contact We'll be happy to help you or refer you to someone who can assist.

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