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Let’s make this online dating site copy better

How do you optimize or make your copy better? Can small changes really make a difference?

Let’s take look at this welcome email from to see how some small changes can make this email a whole lot better:


There are several problems with this welcome email. And it’s important to get it right. Welcome emails can result in an increase of 320% in revenue when compared to other promotional emails.

So what are they doing wrong?

Well, this email copy is all about Match and not about their customer. They’ve also thrown in a kitchen sink’s worth of calls to action.


To make it about their customer, they need to show their readers what being on the ‘leading online dating site’ means to them.

So what are some simple things we can do to make this email better?

First, we can update the headline and subheadline copy to make it customer-centric:


With just a few quick changes, we’ve taken the email from all about Match to all about the customer. The copy now offers reassurance to new customers that they’ve made a great choice and what their outcome can be.

There’s another change we can make here. And that’s with the Get Started call to action.

This email doesn’t make it clear with what exactly we’re supposed to get started with. It’s confusing. (And confusion is the enemy of copy.)

Let’s change it to Complete Your Profile to encourage new customers to complete their profile and send them back to the site/app.


It will also need to have some copy below that lets the reader know how to do it. And it should be the only call to action. It’s confusing to have too many in one email.

Do you see how just a few changes to existing copy can drastically change how it reads to a customer or potential customer?

This is why copy optimization services can be perfect for you. We take the copy you already have, but make it better and more effective.

And if you have no copy? Well, you can get that here too.

Take a look at our services to get your copy improved.

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