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SaaS Onboarding Email – Optimize

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So, a prospect has signed up for a trial of your software. Congratulations! But how do you make sure their trial converts them into a happy customer?

The answer is with an onboarding email sequence. An onboarding sequence should show them value and make learning how to use your product as easy and enjoyable as possible. By the end of the sequence they should be so delighted they will happily become a paying customer. Get your onboarding emails optimized by the FastCopy team to make sure they’re doing the work they need to do.

Subject line optimization is included in this service.

Here’s how it works:

After you purchase your copy, you’ll receive an email with a brief to fill out. Once you fill it out, you’ll email it to We’ll begin work on your project once we receive your completed brief. If we receive it after 12 pm Pacific time, the 3-5 day delivery timing will begin starting the next business day.

SaaS Onboarding Email Sequence

Short Onboarding Sequence (2-5 emails) $299, Medium Onboarding Sequence (6-9 emails) $449, Long Onboarding Sequence (10-14) $599


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